The Padup story

This is the story of Padup, the wooden stand designed to promote a good posture behind the screens that can make a world of difference.

Last year, Renzo in 't Veld, an architect, became very aware of his posture since his partner turned yogi and started adjusting him to sit upright. That is when he started to get ergonomically sound with his computer set up. To support good posture, he made a wooden stand for his notebook to sit up straight, keeping his eyes level with the top of the screen, having elbows and wrists straight at 90-degree angles.

Walking along coffee bars, workplaces, libraries and homes, Renzo and Elana noticed how many of us slouch behind the screens everywhere and all day. This inspired them to share the stand Renzo made for himself with others. After all, posture has a major impact on how we live and how we feel every day. The idea to kick-start Padup came alive.

Made from natural wood and with fine attention to detail, Padup embodies the elegant lightweight design. With only six pieces, Padup is easy to assemble. The art of joinery with its smooth rib ends and slots makes the assembly incredibly simple and strong.

The organic forms with their gently angled lines reflect an elegant contemporary style to the stand. The minimal design heightens its streamlined appearance, while its lightness makes it easy to carry with you.

Something delightful has arrived.


Meet our team

Elana Bos


Vitality professional

Loves giving tips and tricks encouraging people to correct their posture to improve their well being.

Renzo in 't Veld


Creative developer

With passion for practical design and aesthetics that invite new habits.

Laska dog


Wood expert

Naturally born to be wild and has great instinct for good pieces of wood.