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Branded Padup models
By Elana Bos 28/04/2016 10:00:00 am Comments

Sitting or standing up straight has many benefits, such as preventing neck- and back complaints.

Being upright allows you to breathe fully deep, easy and balanced.

It contributes to more positivity, creativity and quality at work.

That makes Padup, the wooden stand for notebooks or tablets, the perfect gift for all your relationships.

Support your partners, employees or clients healthy habit to live up straight. Giving Padup is a great and fun way to show you care.



Make a lasting impression. We engrave your brand onto Padup models.

Let’s create a unique branded Padup with your logo or slogan.



We deliver the models in a stylish gift box. It is possible to include a personal message, so you can send a message for any occasion.

To appreciate your relationships, give a gift worth getting!


Call or mail for product details and volume pricing information.


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