Blog - 5 Reasons why Padup is good for you

5 Reasons why Padup is good for you
By Elana Bos 9/04/2016 3:00:00 pm Comments

1. Padup makes you ​breathe better

Being upright allows you to breathe fully deep, easy and balanced.

Sitting for long periods of time may cause shortened frontal muscles, creating the posture that restricts the rise and fall of the breathing diaphragm.

Too often our lifestyle and furniture invite semi-permanent shallow breathing. Keeping an upright posture helps open up the airways and ensure proper breathing.

Padup allows for better breathing.


2. Padup makes you perform better

Sitting upright increases mental focus, making you more alert, concentrated, and productive.


3. Padup makes you look good

Being upright does wonders for your appearance. You look taller, slimmer and more powerful when you sit and stand tall. Being upright does not only display power, it produces power. "Fake it till you become it" Amy Cuddy ’s research on Power posing reveals how your body position influences others and even your own brain.

By the way, Padup makes you look stylish too, with its natural elegant lightweight design.


4. Pad up, improves posture

By sitting upright we extend the mid back, which leads to a neutral spine that allows the pelvis to position itself in a way that the core muscles can activate better. Once core muscles are working better, sitting upright comes more naturally.


5. Padup supports digestive health

When we’re slouched forward, our rib cage is actually pushing down on our internal organs. All this mushing can cause digestive problems. By having good posture, we keep things nice and open for our intestines do their work.


So Padup makes you breathe and perform better and it makes you look and feel good: more energetic, happier and positive.

Try it out for yourself.



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