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Observe postures
By Renzo in 't Veld 20/06/2016 5:00:00 pm Comments

Observation is sometimes the first step toward change.

We probably all have heard at one point or another that good posture is one of the keys to physical health. But we rarely think about our own posture or observe others’ postures.


Sit in a public place and watch people’s posture as they walk, sit and stand.

Note especially the relationship of the head to the spine.

  • Is the head balanced naturally on the neck, or does it lean forward?
  • Are the ears directly over the shoulders or forward of them?
  • What effect might this have on someone’s back and neck muscles?


Use observation as a reminder! This can be very useful for increasing body awareness.

Now you start noticing how this slumped posture can cause strain in the body, consider how you sit and move.

  • Have your shoulders rolled back and down.
  • Walk taller with an erect spine.
  • Chin back, so your ears are above your shoulders.
  • While sitting keep the belly drawn in and chest open.


Trigger self-awareness with different reminders.

Read 3 simple reminders to be upright:


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