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How to keep RSI pain at bay
By Elana Bos 8/04/2016 3:00:00 pm Comments

Notebook is slowly phasing over the term laptop. Your lap is a terrible support for a portable computer, as it overheats it and using it that way obviously is terrible for yourself too. A screen and keyboard hip-height puts strain on your wrists and your neck. Your lap is less steady than a table, which also makes for high-stress typing.

However, having a notebook on a steady surface in front of you is not enough to eliminate these problems. It still invites incorrect posture, causing repetitive strain injury.

Padup reduces the risks for repetitive strain injury, by elevating the notebook to eye-level and making you connect an external keyboard to your device.


Tablet can trigger a tablet neck as it requires significant head and neck flexion (bending). Neck stain is caused by the muscles that support and move the head and neck that are exposed to constant use. Prolonged use of tablet devices can also cause other forms of repetitive strain injuries to the fingers and hands. Good posture can help minimize these symptoms.


Reduce the risk of RSI, use your notebook or tablet as comfortably and ergonomically possible with Padup.
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